the benefits of spinach

happy to meet again with the blog admin LifeStyle Some time ago I had a chance to post about BENEFITS OF THE HARP this time I will discuss about the benefits of vegetables like spinach have you ever eaten spinach...? if yes know what the benefits of spinach for the health of our bodies...? let's see what are the benefits of spinach for our health. For those of you who love spinach , recognize 2 things contained in it, from harvest to mature to be present REALLY: 1. spinach contains iron in the form of Fe2 + (ferro) 2. If he is too long contact with O2 (Oxygen) 3. Fe2 + will oxidize to Fe3 + (ferri). 4. Although both are iron, what is useful to us is FERRO. 5. While FERRI is TOXID in spinach. 6. SO ... if the spinach is heated, it will apply oxidation. 7. I used to confuse why my mother always forbid heating VEGETABLES spinach. 8. He can not explain it scientifically so, but always say spinach VEGETABLES kalu not run out not heated again! 9. Never consume spinach for more than 5 hours. 10. For, in addition to containing the substance mentioned earlier also contains nitric (NO 3) substances. 11. If oxidized with air, it will become NO2 (Nitrite). 12. Nitrites are compounds that are colorless, odorless and toxic to the human body. 13. According to John S Wishnok, fresh spinach freshly removed from the nursery has a nitrite compound of approximately 5 mg / kg. 14. If spinach is stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, the nitrite level will increase to 300 mg / kg. 15. In other words, in 1 day storage, the nitrite compound will increase 21 mg / kg (7%). 16. Toxid effects (poisoning the body) caused by Nitrite stems from the oxidation reaction of Nitrite with iron in red blood cells, precisely in Hemoglobin (Hb). 17. There may be a blum know that one of the tasks of hemoglobin is to bind oxygen to be channeled to all organs of the body. 18. Nitrite bonding with hemoglobin, called Methemoglobin, results in hemoglobin not being able to bind oxygen. 19. If the amount of methemoglobin reaches more than 15% of the total hemoglobin, 20. Then there will be a condition called Cyanosis, a condition in which the entire body tissue lacks oxygen. 21. If this happens to a baby known as "Blue Baby". Another TOKSID effect is the ability of NITRIT to react with AMINO SECONDARY can form a compound that can cause CANCER! DO NOT cook spinach pake aluminum pot ...... because it can react with the IRON ZAT which is in spinach and ... .. so TOXIC. Here are tips on consuming 1. Choose freshly picked and fresh. 2. Should be processed immediately after getting fresh 3. DO NOT be stored too long in the ice. So FEAR consuming ??? DO NOT ...... because its NUTRITION content is HUGE aka TOP ReALLY. Even spinach is referred to as KING OF VEGETABLES, tp quite know the NATURE and ELEMENTS. So, do not be afraid to eat spinach yes...

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