Various benefits of fruits

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Yesterday we discussed about The content of longan fruit and its on this occasion I try to discuss the benefits of fruits, you should know that I will not always stop to promote fruits that contain lots of benefits until we realize how important the health in our lives, let us direct discuss what are the benefits of these fruits
Her skin color dark brown, with scales like a snake, and there is a tiny barbs between them, you must know the name of the fruit with such characteristics. Various, in America people call snake fruit. This fruit does have scales that resemble snake skin. Did you know that the benefits of fruits good for treating some diseases? Various, or which has the Latin name Salacca edulis high enough nutrients such as calcium, flavonoids, saponins and tannins. In addition to be used as medicine, bark is also often used as a variety of snacks. For more details, let us see one by one.
Eye Drugs
One of the benefits of fruits are as eye medicine. Based on research by health experts, fruits contain beta-carotene which is good for the eyes. For those of you who want to maintain good eye health but bored if they have consumed carrot juice continuously, now you have another alternative, which is to replace the carrot juice with juice barking. Good luck!
When you are suffering from diarrhea, do not rush to consume drugs manufactured. It never hurts to try natural medicine first. By consuming as much as approximately twenty grams of meat fresh young bark can reduce diarrheal disease. Besides nature, the fruit can also be found almost in equal place.
Healthy snacks
Thorny palm is often used as a fruit is usually served at the table. I think there are sweet, sour, tart, or a mixture of all three. Besides it tastes good and fresh when eaten, the fruit also contains nutrients that are beneficial to health. Salak can be eaten straight away. In addition, fruits are also often processed into various forms of food. Bark Chips. Made using a special frying pan. Meat fruits thinly sliced and then put in the freezer for about one to two hours before frying with a special tool. Tasty bark chips to be used as a snack when you're relaxing. Candied Salak. Candied bark has a distinctive taste when eaten. To make candied bark is not so difficult. Materials needed only sugar, boiled water, a little salt, and fruits itself, of course. How to make it easy, simply by mixing all the ingredients that have been prepared in a container. Then let sit for approximately one week. Candied bark ready to be served. Salak pickles. To make pickles bark, prepare ingredients such as water, whiting, red pepper paste, half a tablespoon of salt, sugar, and a tablespoon of vinegar meal. How to make, first peel the bark and split into two, then remove the seeds. After that, soak in a solution of water and salt. Let stand for one hour, rinsed and drained.
Then soak once again barking into a solution of water and whiting approximately one hour, rinsed and drained. Then enter again barked into a solution of water plus the vinegar and salt that has been boiled and cooled. Let stand for one to two nights. Pickled salak ready to be enjoyed. I hope this post menampah our knowledge and hopefully useful
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