The content of longan fruit and its benefits

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you never eat? This fruit is very sweet fruit even became one of the favorite admin addition to delicious fruit contains many nutritional and rich in benefits what are the benefits of the fruit?
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on longan fruit
Round shape, small size. That litchi fruit. But the shape and size it was not worth the benefit it brings. Not only the flesh of the fruit is tasty, refreshing, and brings many benefits, seeds, bark, roots, and leaves also save properties are not small for health and beauty. Therefore, you need not regret having bought fruit size no larger than this eyeball. Any content of litchi fruit? What also savor the meat, seeds, roots, leaves and bark?
Longan is very well known and well liked mesyarakat Indonesia. Litchi tree height can reach 10 meters or more. The fruit is yellowish brown and rough is called euphoria Longana. The taste of this delicious fruit, sweet and refreshing. Because it seems that this small fruit can be highly addictive. Not surprisingly, many people serving this fruit as a dessert, or consumed as a snack while chatting or watching television. Small globular fruit that originated from the Chinese mainland is a family rambutan and lychee. In Mandarin, litchi called "ong yes guo" or "long yan", which means the eye of the dragon. While in Indonesia, the fruit is popular with the title "cat's eye". His nickname such as litchi fruit like eyeballs. The flesh is round, white translucent and contain a lot of water so that it can be made juice. In the middle of the fruit flesh colored seeds are black or dark brown.
The following benefits litchi fruit
Do you realize that this unusual fruit that has many benefits for the body? The content contained in this fruit is sucrose, fructose, glucose, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, tartarik acid and chemical plant compounds (phytochemicals) more useful for health. Fructose is the sugar content in the fruit. Sugar is good for the body as it keeps blood sugar levels. While including sugar glucose that is not good. The combination of phytochemical compounds have produced many benefits, among other things, relax the nerves. This fruit gives a sense of calm merit overcome anxiety, insomnia and difficulty concentrating. Not surprisingly, people call litchi as one of the uneasy natural repellent. If the anxiety began to whack you for no reason, you no longer need to search for a sedative. Consuming too many chemical drugs is not good for the body. Which naturally is much better and safer. For insomniacs, of tranquilizers be a perfect solution to overcome anxiety when the condition whack. But do not rush, natural medicines actually better, safer and more fun to try. With good taste, sweet and refreshing, small sized fruit can be highly addictive. Not surprisingly, many people serving this fruit as a dessert, or consumed as a snack when relaxing or watching television.
Fructose is the sugar content in the fruit. Sugar is good for the body as it keeps blood sugar levels. While including sugar glucose that is not good. The combination of phytochemical compounds have spawned a range of nutrients, including nerves loosen. In addition, meat litchi fruit is also beneficial nourish the heart and can treat heart pounding. Litchi fruit also can strengthen the spleen, increases the production of red blood, increases the appetite and increase energy. Therefore, the fruit is very well taken by people who are in the process of recovery of stamina after illness. Because litchi fruit also contains fiber, this fruit is useful to nourish the gut and improve the absorption of food, launched the process of urination and defecation, tackle intestinal worms, nourish the eyes, treat headaches, vaginal discharge and hernia.
Eating litchi fruit too much can cause hangovers
Longan also has a fairly high alcohol content so people could get drunk if you eat too much. Actual alcohol content is there if longan ripe. "All of the fruit that is too ripe and decomposition (fermentation), it could be alcohol," said Dr. Samuel Oetoro, M.S. Sp.GK, doctors Specialist Clinical Nutrition. Because of the alcohol content, litchi fruit has a warm nature, but does not contain toxins. It turned out that part of longan that nutritional health is not just the fruit. The roots and leaves are bitter, even a hard seed, also save properties not less. Litchi root efficacious as a laxative urine and blood circulation. The leaves are useful as anti-inflammatory and fever reliever. While the longan seeds efficacious help stop bleeding, regulate the flow of energy in and out on vital organs, as well as relieve pain. Longan seeds also contain substances that are useful for pigments and amino acids. Longan seed is used as ingredient of shampoo because it contains saponins that can produce large quantities of foam. Outer skin sour taste slightly sweet, with warm astringent properties. These substances can cause shrinkage of the network so as to reduce secretions. More often utilized topically to treat skin. Litchi fruit is also a bracing tonic or beverages. So people are just ill advised to consume this fruit. As for beauty, litchi fruit contains Vitamin C (antioxidant) to counteract free radicals. Just so you know, free radicals can damage the skin beauty. According to Dr. Samuel, a water content of litchi fruit is able to maintain skin elasticity.
Longan fruit (longan Dimocarpus) has distinctive properties that contain alcohol. If consumed in large quantities can be intoxicating. Additional info, this plant originated in China and spread to South Asia and other parts of Asia. Its spread through Chinese emigrants spread to mainland Asia.
Astrigen √
 sucrose √
 glucose √
 protein √
fat √
vitamins (A, B, C) √
phosphorous √
longan used to treat: 
abdominal pain √
insomnia √
Drinking amnesia longan syrup 2 times a day can cure the disease. Whack agitated for no reason? You might think of using a sedative. Preferably, do not rush to consume chemical medications. Which naturally is much better, safer, and menyenangan to try. One agitated natural repellent is litchi. Small fruit is round coming from Mainland China is still a family with rambutan and lychees. Longan is favored communities in Indonesia, because it feels good, sweet and refreshing. Many are serving this fruit as a dessert, or consumed as a snack at a time when chatting or watching television.
Anxiety, Amnesia, Mental Decline
Every day take one tablespoon tonic longan (gui yan gao). As a way of making a tonic litchi as follows: take as 500 grams of fresh litchi fruit and 500 grams of sugar. Boil them in water until it becomes thick.
Weak entity or Weight Gain After Pain
Every day, eat as much as 250 grams of fresh longan fruit. Discard the skins and seeds.
Loss of appetite, Spleen Weak
Consumption of 60 grams of fresh longan fruit, remove skin and seeds. Do 2 times a day, morning and night. This method can also cope with diarrhea.
Take a bit of skin or shell longan. Grilled until charred. Finely crushed and mix with tung oil (Aleuritis fordii) Put on the affected part.
Outside wound that does not heal
Take a bit of shell or the dried longan seeds, grilled until charred. Mash until smooth. Add the olive oil. And apply in the injured area. This just might be that I can share, once again I remind you please do not hesitate to memperaktekan all of your content on this blog, because all of these articles I quoted from the big blog blogs and reliable who could not mention one by one. and hopefully useful

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