Palm fruit and its benefits

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Maybe some friends just a glance or a few who read this blog article because of its theme of health, but Did you know that health is more important than wealth or other.
But I'm sure someday you need one of this blog article, for the treatment or cure of a disease you.
and I will not surrender to always promote the benefits of fruits for our health.
Who does not know of dates? You definitely know the sweet fruit is lightly browned. And I'm sure most of you would have ever tasted. In Indonesia, the fruit is identical as Ta'jil food eaten before prayers and proceed to the main course. Uniquely, the Prophet was eating 2-3 palm fruit as Ta'jil dish. Actually, what are the benefits of this palm fruit?
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Consider the following facts:

Dates either to restore power and energy, dates contain some natural sugars: fructose, sucrose, and glucose. All three, especially glucose can increase energy very quickly. Glucose is a form of sugar that is directly used by cells as a source of energy-producing materials, whereas the sugar in most other foods should be broken down into glucose first through the digestive system. Dates contain iron which is good for the blood. Iron is the raw material for the production of red blood cells. Therefore, the date palm is very good for patients with anemia. Dates are good for those who are dieting. Dates contain no fat or cholesterol. Conversely, dates are rich in fiber making it suitable as a snack. One or two grains dates already quite filling.
Dates are good for the heart because it contains potassium which is important for the heart. The body can not store potassium, so it is important to eat foods containing potassium regularly. Eating dates is one of the easiest ways to do so. The content of selenium in dates also can prevent heart attacks. Dates are also recommended for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding due dates can strengthen the uterine wall and block the process of bleeding during childbirth. Sugar content can also reduce postpartum stress. Dates also can enrich breast milk. Dates are good for teeth because it contains fluorine. But be sure to diligently clean the teeth, because the sugar in dates can damage teeth if not cleaned. Dates can calm nerve cells via its influence on the thyroid. So palm is an effective medicine for insomnia and stress. Fiber in the palm fruit is good for constipation.
Date palm fruit is rich in mineral salts substances that neutralize acids, such as calcium and potassium. Dates are the best foods to neutralize existing acid in the stomach due to leave the rest were able to neutralize the acid after chewed and digested arising from protein such as fish and eggs. Dates that are recognized as Phoenix dactylifera L. can treat chronic bowel disorder, which clash with gluten, prevents the absorption of nutrients perfectly. Fiber texture on dates quite smooth, safe for sensitive stomach or intestinal inflammation. Palm fruit can help to increase energy and libido in men and women.
I think there are enough palm fruit benefits I described, and in fact there are many more benefits of palm fruit which have not I review here. In essence, the fruit of dates contain a myriad of benefits and is highly recommended for all ages.
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