Life necessities

good afternoon visitors, welcome to run the activities or work safely in order to meet their daily lives as the food we eat every day it is a mandatory requirement even for living creatures.
This time let us discuss about the necessities of life, is a lot of meaning from the article, but the meaning of the title of this post leads to the grocery ordinary Indonesian people consumption, namely rice.
No one ever eat rice..?
I'm sure 90% of visitors of this blog has been felt even become a necessity in everyday life.

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Let us discuss articles necessities of life, especially rice and benefits.
Oryza sativa, better known as rice is a staple food source. People of Indonesia to rice as their staple crop, because they contain high enough carbohydrates and a source of energy for the body. Rice is a food or a source of energy for the body that comes from rice. In every house there must eat rice, because it is a staple food. Do you know how farmers can produce rice? rice planting in a muddy rice field in the call, but adajuga rice planting in the high places of the call huma. Farmers prepare the land for planting rice, rice seedlings ready for planting after the land is ready for Tanami rice seeds. Rice needs more than 3 months until the harvest, the rice is ready for harvest that is already bent, because it already contains the fruit of rice indicator. Well from now we should be able to appreciate the farmers, because thanks to them we can eat rice. Just imagine if the farmers do not grow rice if we can eat rice, therefore we try to learn to plant rice so that we can produce their own rice. Eating rice from the rice itself better results, in addition we do not need to buy expensive rice prices, in fact we can benefit if we grow rice itself that we can sell the rice in the form of grain or rice.
Rice can process into some cakes or snacks for example the sticky tape is made from glutinous rice, rice opaque, rangginang.merupakan snacks made from rice, this meal is often encountered as snacks or souvenirs of a region. Snacks are also banayak in each of many people, from the young to the old. Many people underestimate the services of the farmers, but they do not know what it feels to be a farmer moreover they are often a waste of rice that would be walkin appreciate the effort of farmers. How to try if no farmers who want to plant rice again? everyone would protest, right? people who hate to waste rice from now learned to appreciate the food. Remember rice is a staple food for the State Indonesia.
Machines need energy to be able to walk, namely gasoline, as well as humans who need the energy to do activities. Unlike a gasoline engine needs to run, humans need energy intake sufficient to conduct their activities, humans need carbohydrates to use as energy. Now rice is a high source of carbohydrates, so before exacting activity we should eat first so our activity is going well. Many disturbances in the care of the rice plant one field mice, rats become the enemy of the farmers because the mice are rodents like to eat rice from the paddy rice has not been fruitful until ready to harvest. Field mouse likes to make holes in the fields, they often damage the rice plants in large numbers. Rats are very troubling farmers especially when the rat was in a large scale, can not imagine.
In some areas the staple food is not rice but others such as cassava, beans, sago. But in our area POKO food we eat is rice, rice in my opinion it is the subject matter. If in the house there was no rice feels incomplete, especially if the meal does not use rice it's not full. But there are people who do not like rice, people were more likely to consume the cake. The rice is derived from rice, often a provision to school, often made of fried rice. Even now there is a rice burger, the burger buns contained in the dressing with rice were pressed, it is no less tasty with ordinary burger. In fact, this rice burger more in interest because more filling. Crazy, just rice can be made burger, try another innovation aja hopefully we can better utilize the rice with your creativity. Nice rice is rice that is clean, in bberas we love finding lice rice that makes the quality of rice to be ugly. So that the rice is not rice infestation tempppati then we have to store it in a clean, lest when no grain of rice cooked black rice that we eat.
We often do not know that rice is a plant that has a short lifespan. Rice harvest in just 3 months, but taking care of the rice plant is not easy, if irrigation is not noticed might paddy drought and harvest failure. Also not too much water it could make rice root rot. Try it you start now trying to grow rice in order to know how capennya so farmers and so that we can produce rice itself, it is not impossible that one day we will become a successful entrepreneur rice and could create creativity of rice. All were planted well will obtain good results.

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