Efficacy Duck Egg Passion Sex Enhancer The Tribe Men

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Special this holiday I want to share the benefits of the duck egg Enhancer Passion Sex The Tribe Men, this article is different from the previous article that discusses the various types of fruits and benefits for our bodies, but the difference of this article is to duck Enhancer Passion Sex The tribe Man Special for Man.
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Duck egg
Duck egg is believed to enhance male vitality. Reportedly, the passion that almost faded quickly surged back. Actually, Johan, 34, who married Lusi, 31 years old, is a harmonious and happy couples. The pair married on eight years ago, and has been blessed with two children had a perfect life, let alone the economic level was established. However, the last four months, Johan, Branch Manager at an insurance company is being haunted by anxiety due to their sexual abilities were deemed less vibrant. "I often found wife's face a bit glum, whenever we finish having sex. In fact, last week, not as usual, my wife expresses her disappointment at not being able to reach orgasm. She said I lost the spirit. In fact, I suspect mempu nyai WIL. Duh, could be worse if you continue like this, "said Johan like a vent. Not only his wife, but Johan was astonished to find that decreased sexual ability. "In fact, I do not feel pressured by work or household affairs. Lifestyle I am also not like most executives. Clubbing with my friends in one month at best one. In fact, sometimes not at all. Consumption makananjuga skew lots of vegetables, do not miss the vitamin. in fact, an effort to enthuse also I have done, including watching movies X, out of the city to change the atmosphere and a few other things, "he added with a sad face.
Johan Budi remembered advice, her office colleagues, to try to consume duck eggs that he is capable of burning passion declining. "Her results are not necessarily. But after some time I regularly eat duck eggs, my passion slowly recovering. While not overly powerful as promoted my friend." So, whether fact or just a myth which says the duck eggs can increase sexual vitality? Decline in sexual appetite, it is not only by one factor. But interrelated, including psychological distress such as stress, physical fatigue, lack of sleep, and diet is wrong, spelled out the factors that can decrease sexual vitality. In fact, not a few men who decreased vitality, increasingly demoralized issued a stance despite the latest moves to tickle the perceived decreased sex drive. But trying to consume duck eggs that reportedly can increase sex drive, turned out to be justified by Dr. Bambang Sukamto, DMSH of On Clinic, Jakarta. "Yes, indeed duck egg contains a lot of fat and protein, which implies helping the growth of sperm and testosterone, and would be nice to improve sexual performance," he said.
He added, medically duck eggs can even be used as a tool to cure impotence by eating two eggs a day. And it is good to drink with honey ataujamu, accompanied by vegetables and foods containing zinc such as oysters and tirem. Foods containing zinc helps the growth of testosterone and sperm. "But if passion is kembaktior mall, consumption of duck eggs just one item a day or four eggs a week. And preferably, choose a duck egg village because it is still natural, not contaminated by chemicals such eggs produced by the factory," suggested the doctor Bambang. Sex Supplements duck eggs into sex supplements, it has been believed since decades ago. Many ways to draw on duck eggs to be used as a supplement. Among them, mixed with special herbs or man made extra drink sweet tea substitutes as is done by the Minang community. "Tea egg", a duck egg yolk, plus as many as two tablespoons of sugar, whipped in a cup about 10 or 15 minutes. Penyuguhannya, given hot tea water. This potion for newly married bride turned out to have become obligatory drink before having sex.
Many types of eggs is believed to have efficacy improve sexual performance, one chicken egg. Doctor Bambang explained, for a normal man should avoid eating duck eggs, because it can be fatal, the buildup of fat and cholesterol increase. Likewise with the ailing diabetes and kidney disorders, it can lead to impotence. "Also, do not eat them too often. It could lead to ketergaritungan and confident every time you have sex. Consequently remain impotence. So, do not equate duck egg with supplement other sex can be consumed every 1 day or before having sex. Before making eggs duck as an alternative medicine, you should check the health first in order to avoid side effects such as allergies, "added the doctor Bambang. So how do you understand of the benefits of a duck egg? for more details, please ask your nearest doctor. may be useful

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