Three benefits of avocado

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Actually a lot of the benefits of avocado, but this time only discusses prisca Three benefits of avocado

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1. Benefits for the skin
2. Treatment of stroke and heart
3. Good for pregnant women

It turns out there is another benefit in addition to the skin of an avocado, avocado can be used as a drug of various diseases, such as lowering cholesterol, the risk of stroke and heart attack. Avocados are known as fruits that contain lots of fat, often referred to as fruit that cause obesity. When in fact not at all, the fat contained also are powerful antioxidants that help reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. So that will minimize the risk of stroke or heart attack. Besides avocados also proven effective in preventing hypertension, helps facilitate blood flow even prevent the onset of diseases such as allergies and digestive disorders.
for diabetics who are very limited in their choice of food menu, avocados can be used as part of the diet. That's because a little avocado fruit contains sugar, but has other cellulose fibers.

Avocado Benefits For Babies and Pregnant Women

Benefits of Avocados also be felt for mothers who are pregnant. We own many know, at the beginning of pregnancy, the fetus is in need enough folic acid. When maternal obstetric, surely the doctor or midwife warn, warn encourage nutritious foods during pregnancy (even before pregnancy it happens). Milk many pregnant women that include folate as abortion. Folic acid is very important because it is very mampengaruhi formation of brain function, nerve and bone marrow baby. If ignored, the risk of babies born with disabilities is very high. Actually does folic acid itself yes part of the vitamin B complex, it can be found in various foods consumed daily, such as tofu and tempeh, vegetables like broccoli and others.
But since the food is cooked in advance, chances levels of folic even gone. That is why the return to natural fresh fruit avocado that is the earlier. Described earlier, avocado contains vitamin B and folic acid are automatically contained therein. Each consuming avocado, to be eaten without cooking process beforehand, the expected substance or vitamins in it can enter into our bodies perfectly. For pregnant women alone, avocado is useful for digestive tract (prevent constipation).
Consuming avocado that I usually see sihdijadikan juice (blended ditambahin little white sugar or palm sugar / kawung, plus ice cubes) or simply destroyed in glasses plus sugar and susuhmmm tasty as well, or added in mixed ice / ice may also stoned. Ever also try a fruit salad mayo sauce or gravy yougurtga less delicious. But the see-saw is also yes type alpukatnya, the most delicious ripe avocado butter which was quite, had also met avocado banyaaakk hair ... less tasty also eaten.
So in addition to discomfort in eating avocados also contain lots of benefits.
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