This she benefit coconuts

This she benefit 
do you know the benefits of these fruits ..?

  which was amazing for health and prevention of various diseases. Especially green coconut water has long been one of the most popular drinks consumed in the tropics. Coconut water is not only refreshing but also have countless benefits for health. Green coconut water is a super food that is full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, all of which are highly needed by the body. Coconut water also contains low fat and contains only one-fifth of the sugar found in most fresh fruit juice.
The action follows a couple of coconut
1. prevent dehydration
The similarity of green coconut water with body fluids we make can be easily absorbed by the need simultaneously to quickly replace lost body fluids. Coconut water can maintain the level of body fluids and potassium which helps maintain water pressure in the cells and blood. Electrolytes in green coconut water is also needed for proper muscle contraction and produce energy. The content of potassium in coconut water also can prevent hypertension.
2. Energy booster in the body
Green coconut water has a normalizing effect and provide additional energy for the body so that it can overcome some health problems. Well for that for those of you who have heavy activity and requires more energy there is no harm in using coconut water as a natural energy booster drinks.
3. malnutrition
Mineral utama atau elektrolit dalam air kelapa hijau diketahui sama dengan yang ditemukan dalam darah manusia. Sejumlah penelitian yang dilakukan selama rentan waktu 60 tahun mendokumentasikan keberhasilan penggunaan air kelapa hijau dalam pengobatan kekurangan gizi dan dehidrasi.
4. maintain a healthy heart and kidneys
Green coconut water has the advantage to reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke and help prevent or treat kidney stones.
5. maintain digestive health
Green coconut water can improve the health of digestion and metabolism through bioactive enzymes. Besides coconut water is also beneficial for bowel Soothes aches / spasms
6. supports immune system function
Lauric acid content in the form of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-virus in coconut water can boost the immune system to fight infections and help combat intestinal worms and candida.
7. remove toxins in the body
Fresh coconut juice contains enzymes that help to detoxify and repair the body.
8. help antidote radicals
Coconut water contains high levels of antioxidants that help the body fight the ill effects caused by free radicals. Try you choose pure coconut water from the fruit to get more benefits, try to avoid some of the products processed coconut water that may have been mixed with chemicals that can reduce the benefits of coconut water.
9. helps stabilize blood pressure
One of the benefits of coconut water is that it helps prevent high blood pressure. Besides coconut water also contains various vitamins and minerals. Coconut water contains potassium and magnesium, both of which help to lower your blood pressure naturally.
10. serum cholesterol
Already we know that coconut water is rich in mineral deposits, one of which is potassium. Potassium is known to keep cholesterol levels. It is therefore no wonder the coconut water is touted as one of the drinks cholesterol prevention.
11. migraine
Green coconut water has benefits in preventing migraine because of its magnesium content. Instead you should consume a magnesium supplement that your body may not be able to absorb it well, you can drink beverages such as coconut water is much more natural and the body can utilize the nutrients found in it.
12. help you lose weight
One other benefit of green coconut water is the ability to increase metabolism. By increasing the body's metabolism, it can store less fat in your body
it was some of the properties of the coconut fruit, may be useful.

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