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Some time ago we treated the articles on The benefits and dangers of vegetable and all the articles in this blog You Must Know are solely just to share information about the benefits of fruits or plants, may be helpful for you in.
but in contrast with this article, namely plants shy daughter
Shy daughter (Mimosa pudica Linn.) Often grow on the side of the road, terrain, rapidly proliferating, growing slept on the ground, sometimes upright. Stems rounded, hairy and thorny. We often overlook the plants grow wild shy daughter for granted and assume weeds. This plant has the shape of small leaves arranged compound, an oval with a pointed tip, green (there is a reddish color). When the leaves touched will close the (sensitive plant). Flowers round like a ball, pink, stemmed. But you know, that pitri shame has a myriad of benefits, particularly for the treatment of natural herbs.
Utilization of plant variety shy daughter. Part used is the leaves, roots, whole plant, fresh or dried. Rules of use is 15 to 60 grams, boiled. As for external use: Wounds, skin inflammation bemanah (piodermi), herpes is a fresh crop crushed, placed on the sore spot. Here's an example of the use of this plant for the treatment of: Insomnia (already sleeping) To treat insomnia, as much as 30-60 grams shy daughter boiled leaves and water to drink. Can also by mixing 15 grams shy daughter leaves with 15 grams of leaf mustard sky (vemonia cinerea) and 30 grams of leaves and boiled calincing. The water is then drunk. Chronic bronchitis To treat bronchitis, 60 grams root shy daughter mixed 600 cc of water, and boil on low heat so that it becomes 200 cc. Then the water is divided to two drinks .. Mimosa pudica 30 grams, 10 grams roxburghiana peristrophe roots, both boiled, divided into two doses / day. Cough with phlegm many As for the patient coughs with phlegm many, the root shy daughter as much as 10-15 grams of boiled and water to drink. Ascariasis Mimosa pudica 15-30 grams of boiled, and water to drink. Rheumatism 15 grams of Mimosa pudica root marinated in white wine 500 cc for 2 weeks. Then affixed in place of the sick. There are still more benefits shy daughter, whom efficacious to overcome ulcer disease.
The use of root shy daughter in high doses can cause poisoning and vomiting. Pregnant women are forbidden to drink a decoction of medicinal herbs as this may cause the death of the fetus. Treatments for Acne Treatment for Acne naturally. Wash your face at least three times a day with soap that does not dry out (eg Black Soap Felisa). Allow 5 minutes to wash your face with warm water. Then rubbed soap all over face gently. Then rinse with cold water until clean so all the soap is gone.
Do not eat fried foods, red meat, hot dogs, white bread, cake and pie, soda water and snacks. Plenty to eat boiled vegetables, fruits and oatmeal. Drink plenty of water to cook and keep it away from drinking milk. Within a few weeks, your face will be radiant and beautiful. If not, you certainly do not follow the feeding schedule requirements. Do not drink the sweet water and soda water like a coke or pepsi, this could lead to boils. Therefore, the human body is changing rapidly as enlargement, is becoming a regular case if a teenager has a chemical content that is not balanced in their bodies, especially if the diet is not balanced. If the facial skin is acne, contact your dermatologist for treatment. Do not eat the chicken and bacon if face still showed no significant change. Perbanyaklah consuming vegetable fiber and pea mengandungvitamin B required by healthy skin.
it was some of the benefits of herbs shy daughter, if you can understand the words that I wrote above or lacking in understanding? leave criticism and advice by commenting below this article. 
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