Dragon Fruit For Health Benefits

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My goal to share information about the benefits of these fruits so that we realize the importance of health for our bodies.
This time let us discuss about the benefits of dragon fruit
Dragon fruit is often referred to as sweet cactus or cactus fruit honey relatively new in Indonesia. Dragon fruit began to be developed in the country and a big chance to be disseminated. Dragon fruit belongs to the family of cactus with spines on the characteristics of each stem segment. Most sources state that the fruit came from Mexico, South America. Supposedly called dragon fruit, because the whole trunk long stretched like a dragon. In its development, this plant is then developed in Israel, Thailand and Australia. Prospects dragon fruit in the domestic market is quite good because the fans are gradually increasing. This can be seen with the growing flood of dragon fruits in the supermarket or supermarkets in several cities in Indonesia. To meet the needs of the market has now grown dragon fruit production centers in some areas. One of the areas that develop the cultivation of dragon fruit is Kulonprogo province of Yogyakarta (Indonesia)Special Region.

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Dragon fruit plants are best planted in the lowlands, at an altitude of 20-500 m above sea level. Loose soil conditions, porous, contains a lot of organic material and contains a lot of nutrients, soil pH 5-7 is suitable for growing dragon fruit plants. These plants are sensitive to drought and will rot if the excess water. To speed up the flowering process needs full sun exposure. Plant starts flowering and fruiting at the age of 1.5 - 2 months. Harvesting can be done on a fruit that has traits - traits shiny red skin color, tassels or tendrils change color from green to kernerahan. Harvesting is done by using a pair of scissors. The fruit can be harvested when it reaches the age of 50 days since the flowers bloom. The dragon fruit harvest season in September to March with the productive age range between 15-20 years. But the dragon fruit is harvested when it will be marketed must have a good quality class in order to compete with imported dragon fruit. One aspect that must be considered in pemutuan dragon fruit is the determination of skin defects on the dragon fruit. During the process of identifying the level of skin defects dragon fruit is manually involving humans as decision makers. The process of identification such as these have several drawbacks including the time it takes a relatively long time and produce products that vary due to the limitations of the human visual, fatigue, and differing perceptions of the quality of the fruit. To overcome the weaknesses experienced in the process of identifying the level of dragon fruit skin defects manually then do research to replace the manual system to an automated system. The system will automatically identify the dragon fruit is based on the level of skin blemishes.
Fresh and Many Benefits
Fresh & Many Benefits In addition to the red dragon fruit with white flesh, dragon fruit varieties are manifold. There is a yellow-skinned fruit with white flesh (Selenicereus megalanthus) or red-skinned fruit with red meat (Hylocereus costaricensis). The average weight of the fruit is between 300-500 gr. At first glance dragon fruit flavors like kiwi fruit, a combination of sweet, sour and fresh. We can eat it as a table fruit, processed into pudding, pie contents, a mixture of fruit salad or ice. Efficacy Dragon Fruit treat cancer, tumors, eye pain, gout, and heart cure rheumatism balancing blood sugar levels of cholesterol controller strengthen the kidneys and bones sharpen vision. Puree skin Red pitaya-called red-fleshed dragon fruit was consumed in the morning and afternoon respectively 1 piece weighs 250 g. Zaenal stop eating rice, one of the sources of sugar that abstinence diabetics. 'During the diet, I was just eating dragon fruit,' he said. Consumption of drugs that lower blood sugar was also halted. Eight days later, Zaenal body condition began to improve. When checked back at Hope Hospital, blood sugar levels fell to 139 mg / dl. Since that's when blood sugar levels bounce back, 'I immediately eating dragon fruit,' he said. Zaenal Solikhin tale that seemed to justify the assumption of dragon fruit-especially the red-fleshed dragon fruit Hylocereus polyrhizus-that can cure various diseases. According to Prof Dr Muhammad Yusuf, a traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese culture the dragon fruit is believed to smooth the skin to appear more beautiful. However, he is not used to treat deadly diseases like cancer or heart disease. 'Dragon fruit both to cope with the heat because it is cool,' he said..
scientifically proven
Various scientific studies indicate dragon fruit useful to health. Marhazlina M, researcher Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Universiti Putra Malaysia, examined the effects of eating dragon fruit on blood sugar levels and cholesterol in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who are not insulin dependent. Test carried out on 28 patients aged 40-55 years. Volunteers were divided into 4 groups, each consisting of 7 patients. Patients in group I were given intake of 400 g of red fleshed dragon fruit every day, 600 g group II, group III without treatment, and the fourth group was given drugs that lower blood sugar levels on the market. The patient's blood pascaperlakuan checked on the first week, 4 weeks and 2 weeks before treatment ends. Total 7 week treatment period. Checked with the patient's blood chemistry analyzer machine automatically. The results showed levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) -kolesterol I was patient group increased 14.1% after 4 weeks of treatment. While the blood sugar levels of patients decreased 19.94%, low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) bad -kolesterol-5.94%, 23.52% and triglycerides. In conclusion, the red-fleshed dragon fruit has the potential to help lower blood sugar levels and prevent the risk of heart disease in diabetic patients. The results were not much different from group II. Pitaya also proved to be rich in antioxidants. The research results Agricultural Research Service (ARS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), red-fleshed dragon fruit contains a total phenolics 1076? Mol of gallic acid equivalents (GAE) / g puree. The antioxidant activity reached 7.59? Mol trolox equivalents (TE) / g puree. While the white-fleshed Hylocereus undatus total phenolics contains 523? Mol GAE / g and activity antiok.
Fruit and skin
Allowances for health dragon fruit was not only offered the fruit flesh. Results of research Rosario Vargas Sol? S from the Laboratorio de Investigation de Fitofarmacolog? A, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Xochimilco, Mexico, the chloroform extract of leaves of white-fleshed dragon fruit contains compounds taraxast pentacyclic triterpene-20-ene-3a-ol and taraxast-12.20 ( 30) -dien-3a-ol. Both compounds were shown to protect the flexibility of blood vessels rabbit. Researchers estimate the efficacy of both compounds were nearly equal troxerutin, one micro vascular protective drugs on the market. The drug was beneficial reduce the risk of rupture of blood vessels. The results of in vitro tests conducted Li-chen Wu, researcher Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chi-Nan University, showed extracts of red fleshed dragon fruit peel potentially inhibit B16F10 tumor cell growth in a dose of 25? G. That proves the dragon fruit is not only delicious when eaten, but also beneficial as a medicine. (Imam Wiguna) In amnya, experts agree and acknowledge dragon fruit is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium are good for ill-health compared to other fruits imported. Opt vice Johncola Pitaya Food R% @! # $% @! # $ & D, reputable planting and investigations red dragon fruit country's largest, AL Leong, cactus fruit honey is quite rich with various vitamins and mineral substances which may help improve resistant and subtracting the metabolism in the human body. "Studies show red dragon fruit is very good for penghadaman and circulatory system. He also gave reprisals incite to reduce emotional stress and neutralize toxic in the blood. "The study also shows this fruit may prevent colon cancer, in addition to preventing high cholesterol content in the blood and at the same time lowering fat levels in the body," he said..
Overall, each of the red dragon fruit contain adequate protein can reduce body metabolism and maintain the heart of ill-health; fiber (escort colon cancer, diabetes and diet); carotene (eye ill-health, strengthen the brain and prevents diseases); calcium (bone strengthening) and fosferos (growth of body tissues). Dragon fruit also contains zinc to boost the blood; vitamin B1 (guarding the body heat); Vitamin B2 (add to taste); Vitamin B3 (lower cholesterol) and vitamin C (increase slipperiness, smoothness of skin and prevent acne). Besides dragon fruit has high economic value, it also has benefits for human health, including as balancing blood sugar levels, preventing cancer, protecting oral health, cholesterol-reducing, preventing bleeding, and drug complaints whitish.
So many benefits of any fruits that we eat begi almighty god created the food along hasiatnya, hopefully we can take advantage of all the gifts of God .. let's keep health for our future survival

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